As one way of fighting against SHPP construction, our movement doesn't communicate to banks which subvention SHPP.

Letters have been sent to Erste Bank and UniCredit Bank, containing the data about harmfulness of the SHPP projects, backed up with relevant documentation, with a demand to stop financing these projects.

DRSP sends letters to the national branches, as well as, to the banks' headquarters. Apart from that, our activists participated in the round table with representatives of thee banks, where we offered our insights about these projects and our readiness to protest against their policy regarding this matter.

All the banks in Serbia, except for Commercial Bank and Societe Generale Bank subvention SHPP!


We're mentioning here the example of one of the biggest banks in Serbia, Erste Bank, and SHPP they're sponsoring:

  1. SHPP "Recica" - operational - Bistricka river
  2. SHPP "Crkvina" - operational - Bistricka river
  3. SHPP "Vlasina 1-5/Gornje Gare 1" - operational - Vlasina river
  4. SHPP "Vlasina 1-5/Gornje Gare 2" - operational - Vlasina river
  5. SHPP "Vlasina 1-5/Donje Gare 1" - operational - Vlasina river
  6. SHPP "Vlasina 1-5/Donje Gare 2" - operational - Vlasina river
  7. SHPP "Vlasina 1-5/Donje Gare 3" - operational - Vlasina river
  8. SHPP "Planska" - under construction - Josanicka river
  9. SHPP "Igrist" - under construction - Kolska river
  10. SHPP "Marici" - under construction - Josanicka river
  11. SHPP "Kasici" - under construction - Josanicka river
  12. SHPP "Vrgudinac" - under construction - Nisava river
  13. SHPP "Lisina" - under construction - Klocanica Kucaj Beljanica Nature Park
  14. SHPP "Bistar" - operational - Jaresnicka river
  15. SHPP "Knezevici" - operational - Josanica river
  16. SHPP "Dubak" - operational - Lesnicka river
  17. SHPP "Laniste" - under construction - Rupska river
  18. SHPP "Dubocica 2" - operational - Dubocica river
  19. SHPP "Vladici 1" - operational - Josanica river
  20. SHPP "Samokovo" - operational - Gobeljska river (National Park Kopaonik)
  21. SHPP "Zupanj" - operational - Josanica river
  22. SHPP "Darkovce" - operational - Darkovacka river
  23. SHPP "Porecje" - operational - Zelenicki stream
  24. SHPP "Jabukovik" - operational - Gradska river
  25. SHPP "Kunara" - under construction - Brezanska river
  26. SHPP "Krepoljin" - under construction - Milava river

We would like to mention that Erste Bank has a policy of responsible financing of energy sector in Serbia, where it mentions hydro-energy and other renewable energy resources.

Everything needs to be in accordance with the international conventions.

Water directive framework - there should be no negative impact on the natural habitats.

Source: Financing for hydropower in protected areas in Southeast Europe: 2018
update, March 2018

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