Village which was founded in the first half of the 14th century (1320-2020), will turn 7 centuries this year; the church dates back to the end of 11th century and school was built in 1947. The village was depopulated twice; first time in the 16th century and second time in the 19th (1821-1826) and the third attempt was prevented in 1958 when a dam on river Visočica was supposed to be built and village was supposed to become a hunting ground.

Village Bela is found 25km North-East of Pirot; located in a valley and surrounded by the hills, in an area called "middle high" on the Stara Planina's hillside, and in the vicinity of the Zavojsko lake and 14-meter high Belski waterfall. According to the legends, village Bela was founded in the mid-16th century.

This part of Stara Planina is susceptible to mudslides, and the biggest one happened in 1963 when mudslide under the Zavoj village stopped the Visočica river. That was the year of big rainfalls and due to the massive melting of the mountain snow, Visočica, together with tributaries of Belska and Gostuška rivers, has within only a few days covered village Zavoj for good. Zavojsko lake is located on that place now, used as an accumulation reservoir for Pirot hydro power-plant. Village Zavoj has been depopulated, moved next to Gradašnička river near Pirot, and named Novi Zavoj.

Village has water and electricity (covering every household) and roofs renewed and covered by tiles or fiber cement sheets (previously covered by the slate roof tiles). Couple of satellite TV dishes here and there. No telephone lines or cellular coverage (cellular signal can be found several km outside of the village). Bela is Stara Planina village which dies slowly. There's almost no arable land at all. Residents of this village live from the livestock and some harvesting, and they have to save it from wild animals (wild boar, wolf, fox) living in the mountains.

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