We Introduce Daniel Valovec

You want art to be appreciated in Serbia and to raise general awareness of our rivers being endangered. We believe that art, and culture in general, is just as endangered as our rivers. Therefore, we launch an initiative #umetnicizaodbranureka or #аrtists4rivers (if you are an artist or you know one, learn more here)

Our fight has attracted a lot of you guys and we would like to draw your attention to the people who take inspiration from nature, and who support the defense of rivers. In our section Art Pieces you can make a donation and get a gift where a part of it goes to the artist, while the other part serves as support to the Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains).

Why Do I Participate

As someone who takes the largest inspiration from nature for my creative work, I dread the very thought that someone might take away or destroy a part of nature for a benefit. Someone who is getting relaxed by a river gurgle and who likes spending every spare moment by the river, as the rivers are holy places, the source of life.

Someone who would agree with the title of the famous song:

Do not kill the rivers!


Daniel Valovec
The person behind the Dartlamp brand is Daniel Valovec, who has been making unique decorative gourd lamps since 2005. Dartlamps are crafted by a combination of creativity, skillful hands and enormous patience. The specific feature of each lamp is a play of shadow and light, reflected onto the surrounding space. The author is inspired by contrasts of light, which add up to the cozy ambiance, conducive to the atmosphere in the surrounding space.

Please take a look at Daniel’s works and support the defence of rivers of Stara Planina.


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