The issue of licences for the construction of small hydro-power plants of a derivative type is a complex process, governed by the Law on Planning and Construction, the Energy Law, the Law on Nature Protection, the Law on Waters, the Law on the Environmental Protection. Nevertheless, the construction of derivative SHPP still unfolds coupled with a number of irregularities that bear immense negative impact upon the environment and the population inhabiting the areas where SHPP facilities are being built.

We bear witness to an uncurbed construction of derivative SHPP facilities, without pausing to consider the essence and complexity of this facility type or the impact of their construction on the specific geographical area where construction is underway. This is why the Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina movement, together with its members, has instigated legal proceedings aimed at showing untenability of construction of derivative SHPPs.

The instigation of legal proceedings was preceded by DRSP's efforts to claim support from the relevant institutions and distinguished professionals:

Support by relevant institutions and distinguished professionals:

  1. Academy of Engineering Sciences
  2. Ombudsman
  3. Serbian Chamber of Engineers
  4. Faculties of the University of Belgrade
  5. Faculties of the University of Niš
  6. Ratko Ristić
  7. Predrag Simonović
  8. Dragana Đorđević

The pending legal proceedings:

  1. The claim filed with the Administrative Court against the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for the rejected request for revoking the building permit for SHPP Zvonce
  2. The request to revoke a building permit in administrative proceedings, as provided for in Article 184 of the Law on General Administrative Proceedings for the following derivative small hydro-power plants (SHPP Topli Do, SHPP Jelovica, SHPP Zaskovci)
  3. Numerous complaints to civil engineering, water-management and environmental inspections
  4. Opinions, remarks and suggestions related to early public insight into the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia 2021-2035, suggesting, inter alia, to remove references in spatial plans to the document, 1987 Cadastre of SHPP, which contains obsolete information.

Author: Nataša Komljenović, graduate architect

activist of the "Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains)" movement 

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