When a tear-down of facilities is concerned, there are several reasons for its initiation (the facility is illegal/unlawful, the teardown needs to be conducted as the construction of another facility is planned or a devastated facility no longer in use is concerned) but this time we will not go into further details on this topic.

We would like to introduce you to a new situation that emerged - the demolition of facilities which are inadequate or ill-considered concepts. As you could witness yourself the harmfulness of construction of small hydropower plants (SHPP) if you followed the posts on our website (or if you are an eyewitness of this developments), you could see that the SHPP construction, for the most part, conflicts with the Conditions of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Water-Management Terms. Which further implies both its disastrous effect on the environment and the need to reconsider the legality/lawfulness of these facilities.

As this issue is yet to be resolved in Serbia, this time we will showcase an example from Sweden where the removal of this type of facilities has commenced on a systematic basis.

At issue is the removal of Marieberg powerplant dam, which took place on 1 July 2020 and the process itself was filmed, which could be watched live via social networks and webinars.


Posted by Mörrums Kronolaxfiske on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

During the facility removal process, those interested, who watched the event via webinars, could get the information from experts who prepared and conducted the project of removing the facility.

The purpose of this event was for the public to be properly informed of the technical part of facility tear-down and also to share the information with all the viewers who plan to remove facilities/dams in their respective countries.

There are four general stages of facility removal: obtaining licences, planning the project, the very process of removal and monitoring the course of facility removal.

The procedure itself could be challenging, as there are some issues which may complicate the process. The event was especially intended for the dam removal engineers, project managers for river renewal or the people interested in this topic who seek guidelines for their own projects of facility removal.

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Author: Nataša Komljenović, graduate architect

activist of the "Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains)" movement 


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