In 2019, the Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina Movement organised various filed actions, such as:

  • Letter of appeal. In July and August 2019, we undertook the action of collecting signatures for an international appeal for the protection of the rivers of Stara planina. We managed to collect nearly 10,000 signatures in Serbia. That way, the citizens showed support to the DRSP river protection initiative. Also, the action drove many organisations to support the work of the DRSP Movement. So far, we have received 50 letters of support by different associations of citizens.
  • In August 2018, the activists succeeded in returning the Rudinjska River to its riverbed.
  • We organised several river cleanup actions, including the following rivers: Gradašnička reka, Rakitska reka, Temštica, Toplodolska reka and Vučidelska reka.
  • In addition to organising protests, the activists also organised actions of informing the local population of the SHPP issue by visiting the villages endangered by the planned SHPP construction. This is extremely important because the locals rarely have access to relevant information.
  • The activists showed up at professional training on the construction of SHPPs, organised by the Chamber of Engineers. They handed out letters to engineers and informed them of the group attitude, as well as the expert opinion regarding the projects.
  • April 2019 – Handing out informative material on the SHPPs to the visitors of the Construction Fair
  • July 2019 – Weekly river actions organised by Save the Blue Heart of Europe, Pravo na vodu and Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina
  • July, August and September 2019 – We organised a watch in Topli Do to prevent the beginning of the SHPP construction in this village at Stara planina.
  • August/September 2019 - Started building wooden pedestrian bridges in Stara Planina
  • October 2019 – Photo exhibition titled Mountains and Rivers in Pirot
  • October 2019 – Fire extinguishing action at Stara planina
  • October 2019 – We donated RSD 150,000 to the residents of Topli Do for the construction of a water supply system.
  • November 2019 – A three-day study tour across the protected area of the Stara Planina Nature Park was organised for the students and professors of the Faculty of Architecture.

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Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) Movement

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