This is the oldest environmental accolade in Serbia, established with the goal to raise awareness about the importance of ecology, pointing out the problems and possible solutions in the area of environment protection, and proposals for greeners and blackeners are given by the citizens, associations and especially "environmental journalists".
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The goal of this action, initiated by the environmental magazine "Čekajući vetar" by Radio Belgrade 2 and the Society for the Clean Air of Serbia 38 years ago, is promotion of the environment protection and preservation through awarding individuals and organizations which care the most, or on the other side, pollute the most.

Individuals, organizations and institutions from Serbia, as well as the big jury which consists of the journalists of environmental columns of printed, internet and e-media from Serbia, can propose their candidates for the action called "Looking for the polluter of the year and protectors of the environment".

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After carefully considering all the proposals, jury has decided that this year's winners of the "Green Leaf" award are: Nikola Popović, student sub-dean on the Faculty of Forestry - for active participation in numerous eco-actions, "Eko kurir", package delivery association from Novi Sad - for responsible behavior towards the environment, Dejan Milošević, director of the "Prvi prvi na skali" portal from Kragujevac - for his long-term fight against GMO through spreading information and organizing eco-actions, and associations "Sačuvajmo naš parkić" and "Za zaštitu ustavnosti i zakonitosti" from Belgrade - for their months-long fight to save the green parcel on Banovo brdo.

Winners are also: a Festival of eco-theatre for children and youth from Bačka Palanka - for two decades of environmental education through the theathre, Regulatory Institute for the Renewable Energy and Environment from Belgrade - for promoting the rule of law in the area of environment protection, Marina Drndarski, biology teacher in the elementary school "Drinka Pavlović" from Belgrade - for the supreme results in education of young ecologists, Environmental movement from Odžaci and organization "Da sačuvamo Vojvodinu" from Tovariševo - for realized change of the court practice in the area of environment protection.

"Green Leaf" fell into the hands of Dragan Gmizić, a journalist from Novi Sad as well - for the brave documentaries about the environmental problems and Milja Vuković, administrator of the FB page "Divlji Beograd" and "Za manje smeća i više sreće" - for actively promoting the importance of the environment in modern media.

Winners of the "Black Leaf" have been declared as well - this year's winner is the municipality Bačka Topola - for generating a big amount of waste water and slaughterhouse waste and two decades of unsanctioned pollution of river Krivaja, conducted by the meat industry, poultry slaughterhouse and a slaughterhouse waste processing factory from Bačka Topola, which led to water, air and entire environment pollution in this municipality.

Due to the big amount of the waste, Krivaja has become a dead river and the biggest surface sewerage of Bačka region, endangering the health of residents of not only Bačka Topola, but also Bajša, Mali Iđoš, Feketić, Srbobran and Lovćenac.

Accolades will be handed over on Thursday, June 11 during the ceremony in Sremski Karlovci.

Source: Tanjug

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