Many topics have been actualized by the fact that Coronavirus, with its catastrophic nature, has pointed out at the same time the weaknesses of already rotten economic systems and dogmatic ideas. Destructiveness of the Coronavirus mirrored in the deconstruction of the bad. Constructiveness of the Coronavirus hence mirrors in the potential in the look on the "new normal", which in its nature doesn't negotiate about the things of fundamental importance.

What is essential - water, air, ground? Coronavirus has made us think existentially, morally, ethically in the categories of virtue. With Coronavirus, hope surfs over the sludge. Hope radiates the best aspects of the identity, which are not manipulated with.

We now have a chance to construct the new reality or the world we want. In the construction of alternative and avant-garde world, the first important thing is not to negotiate about the ideas of returning to how it was before.

We're not returning to what was before, because it's not good for us. We're in the "safe house" phase and we'll stay there until our direction is crystal clear.

We now have a chance to focus on the essentials. In the period of collective Social and physical isolation, we had our chance to consciously and unconsciously let and feel, then to refine our taste and finally accept where we are, where we came from and where we want to move on.

This where we want to move on is so much different than it used to be in pre-Corona times.

Most of us will agree that we have thought about it and realized that things one really can't live with, aren't negotiable. States have demonstrated their readiness to make moves which basically mean nationalization (taking under the state jurisdiction and management: railways, hospitals, other private-owned systems) - and all that without the revolution.

Which things have no alternative? Food and health. Air and water. Earth. Distribution channels have alternative, working hours have it, and flexibility and reducing the number of middlemen have become very much possible. What ever the systematic solutions are, the focus now is on the man, health, food, society.

There is a chance now to restart the system in many ways, so that social, cultural and environmental questions start being pillars of the foundation for upgrading every society which tends to be healthy and vital, and the economy with its politics should be the way to achieve all the previous goals related to the society, culture and environment. Very simple. Economy should be put in function of public practical politics and instruments, and not its meaning per se. Meaning resides on some other places.

Hope is present in placing the sense where it belongs, in approaching of these very basic topics to every one of us. We have to realize that what is really important, is and should stay free and clean: water, air and land - we can't do without it.

Dr Milica Kočović De Santo

Research Associate

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