Jobs for Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina

We're ready to support the projects which contribute to the sustainable development of Stara Planina

Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina is hiring on the following positions:

Everybody who wants to help us translate the website to as many languages as possible, is welcome to do so. Since we're doing the fundraising campaign all over the world, our current priorities are English, German and Spanish. However, we're open to creating a multi-lingual website, which will be easier to search for. Apply below for more details. Once you start translating, you will get an appropriate role on the website, where you can translate section by section. You need basic computer literacy.

To see how it would look like, visit this page, answer the question and a similar environment to the actual translation environment will open. Click on Translate site at the top of the screen and you will see how it looks like to translate on our website.

If you don't think this is too demanding, apply using the form below, after which you will be added to our Slack channel for translators, where all the involved translators are coordinated.

Thank You

Diversity of our members is huge, including numerous activists: from professors to farmers. We consider this to be one of our main advantages when applying for EU projects. If you are qualified and experienced in this area, we encourage you to contact us. We are interested in IPA, Horizon, KA1 and KA2 projects, but also any other, which we might not know about, but could help us defend the rivers and renew the life on Stara Planina.

Apart from EU projects, there's a significant number of domestic, Swiss, Japanese and other projects we think we could apply for. Although we know that there is a minor chance that someone from the Government approves us any resources, which would help improving life quality on Stara Planina, we still consider this as one way of legal action. 

Organizing distribution of help to the elderly population, organizing the sale of their products or leading the projects we apply and eventually get - if you're interested in anything of this, apply, submit your CV and let us know why you think that you should be a part of DRSP team.

We are aware that Instagram is mostly consumed by the younger population. Unfortunately, we didn't activate on this network yet, except with the hashtag. We want to expand our influence on this network as well, so if you want to help us develop and maintain our official profile, write us.

We're looking for a person who would be actively developing our official LinkedIn profile. We do have access to the network and we're approved as a LinkedIn non-profit organization and we need someone who can connect us to the experts from all fields relevant for river defense and sustainable development of Stara Planina.

Listening to the voice of our group members, we want to gather as many photographers as possible, so that they can get everything that is endangered closer to the people. Starting from endangered species, to rivers, to the entire ecosystem, to people. We're planning to make a sale gallery, where people from all over the world will be able to donate by buying photography from it.

We need writers of Google Ads on Serbian and English language. One should make the ad text and add keywords and phrases. We need a lot of ads, so you can write as much as you can, as long as they are in line with the content of our website. Our technical staff will publish the ads once they have passed our review. 

These articles should invite people to visit the website, to donate, or to donate with a present, all of that with the URL from the website.

We're initially targeting English speaking countries, but as the website gets translated to other languages, our translators will translate these ads to other languages as well.

If you apply for this position and get hired, you will receive a link to our Slack group for copywriters and to the Excel table for ads, with the info about Google's limitation in the number of characters. As a precondition, you need to become a registered member of our portal. Since there is a possibility that similar texts show up, you will get a notification in Slack group which of your ads is published, before it gets published.

If your ad gets published and starts attracting donations, we're ready to give you a financial reward, and you will be able to monitor the results of your campaign through Google analytics. 

We need activists who will help us maintain our YouTube channel ORSP TV (DRSP TV).

In the first stage, we need people to translate the existing video materials and create both Serbian and English captions. All of that can be done on our channel, by following these instructions.

You can see our YouTube channel here. All the materials published on the channel are visible on the DRSP TV. We need Serbian subtitles first, then English ones.

Another way to contribute to the fight to defend the rivers of Stara Planina is to send us your own video material from the mountain. Send us your experiences and cooperation proposal and you could be added to the team which manages our YouTube channel. If photography or video production are your hobbies, you will get access to our Slack channel, where we can further coordinate actions for DRSP TV when needed.

We need volunteer writers for marketing purposes, to create cadence of emails with a goal to collect donations for construction of Scientific Research Center and other donations, through the website.

Cadence is distributed through HubSpot, and you should propose the number of emails and the content of each sequence. 

Target group for this activity are entrepreneurs and business, initially in Pirot district and Belgrade. If your sequences start giving results, we are willing to include you and give financial reward for direct distribution of sequences and your contribution to our CRM program.

Send us the example of your cadence and an email of your marketing campaign in MS Word, together with your application. We might contact you after the review to discuss possibilities of further cooperation, and grant you access to the Slack group for further activities.


We need our members, writers, journalists, students, copywriters, advertisers, to write to us on the themes of tourism, sustainable development, activism, river defense, nature, legal action in river defense, vlog and ORSP TV. 

Send us your article in MS Word, with at least one picture, and you can add video link as well.

If it gets published, your article will be translated to several languages, your name will appear as an author (and we need your picture, too) and ads will be played all over the world, so that many people can read it.

Article should follow the below rules:

  • Not more than 60 characters per line
  • It is desired that some parts or words in it subconsciously call to be bolded
  • It is desired that the article has subheadings
  • It should call for action on the website (join, donate, read another text or web page on the site)

If you want to get an idea how your text would look like visually, use the following fonts: Roboto 20px for text, with weight 400 and line height 42px, and Montserrat 40px for the titles, with weight 600 and line height 56px, with max 60 characters per line (in both title and text). The latter is not necessary, but the article will be published in that exact format. Note: it would be good to add 5 keywords or expressions related to the article, for better visibility in search engines.

Ukoliko dugoročno, Vaš tekst bude donosio posećenost, bili biste unapredjeni u saradnika gde biste samostalno mogli objavljivati tekstove i finansijski bismo pomogli Vaš rad.

Potrebno je samo da pošaljete prijavu i prikačite neophodan članak koji želite da Vam objavimo.

Since all the activity around the website is completely volunteer, we had to choose Serbian Latin as an initial language of the website. Since there are more and more requests for the Shop and the entire website to be on Cyrillic as well, we need volunteers who would help do that. 

To see how it would look like, visit the following page and answer the question. Similar environment will open to the actual translation environment, where you can click on Translate site button and see how it would look like to translate content of our website. Serbian Latin and Serbian Cyrillic will be visible and selectable on our website, but not in the demo environment itself.

In addition, our website has more than 500 pictures with Latin text on them, processing of which would last for around 40 hours. When applying to this position, please leave a note whether you would like to help with Translatepress, or by downloading the pictures from the website and further processing in Photoshop.

If the condition for your donation is to get a gift with Cyrillic letters, feel free to order the desired product and leave a comment that you wish Cyrillic version. Once 10 orders for that product have been placed, you will be informed that the order is being processed. Partners of our website, in charge for procurement, printing, packing, shipping and paperwork, are not committing to any deadlines until the condition of 10 pending orders is fulfilled. 

Anyone interested in distributing flyers should contact us with a remark about the city where they will be distributed. Thank you!

Since there are different opinions of group members regarding how flyers should look like, we would like you to send us your proposal of the flyer design. Please send us files in PDF format with vectors, either using the form below, or directly on [email protected]

You wish that art is recognized in Serbia and that art from Serbia is recognized in the world, and want to make everybody more aware of how much our rivers are endangered?

We think that art and culture in general, are endangered just like our rivers. Therefore we're starting the initiative #umetnicizaodbranureka, or #artists4rivers.

Our combat has attracted many people with the right values and we also want to draw attention to the people inspired by nature, which support defending the rivers.

We invite all the artists and creative persons in Serbia to join us and contribute to spreading Serbian cultural legacy with their work.

If your works are from areas of:

- Visual or applied arts

- Souvenirs

If you believe that your creative work can be presented in the world, we invite you to send your proposals using the form below. We will then offer your piece in our global Internet store.

Following needs to be stated and attached to the form:

  • Remark - which area you're applying for,
  • Your CV, or short introduction of yourself,
  • Photos of your work not bigger than 500 kB,
  • Price of your work (gross), in case you will sell your work, a fiscal bill is mandatory, issued by either artist organization, company, other organization or craft store...
  • Statement that your piece is copyright work.

Jury will check all the works and expert team of DRSP will select the ones which contribute to spreading Serbian cultural legacy.

All of our members are volunteers. However, we have a general approach that if you can contribute to our goals with your work and bring the results, we are ready to discuss your proposals in regards to the financial support for the cooperation.

Write us about your ideas about cooperation with DRSP or apply for some of positions we need.

pocetna odrziva resenja Zvanična stranica pokreta Odbranimo reke Stare planine i udruženja Nova Stara planina Poslovi sdvizac

We are working on founding Science Research Center on Stara Planina

However, to succeed in this, we need concrete projects and more experts, so that we can offer better alternatives to SHPP.

Their idea is that people disappear first, so that after they can deplete everything else. We want to prevent that with some concrete solutions.
cuta Zvanična stranica pokreta Odbranimo reke Stare planine i udruženja Nova Stara planina Poslovi sdvizac
Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta
DRSP Representative




Ethno-tourism and Science Research Center development is our mid-term goal

We currently work on a booking platform similar to, but for accommodation directly in hosts' houses on Stara Planina. In parallel, we are gathering an expert team to found Science Research Center.


Naučno istraživački