Manu Chao support struggle against construction of HPPs in Balkans

Though ignored by politicians, the long-standing struggle against the construction of hydropower plants (HPPs) in the region is gaining more and more support from Europe and the world. Musician Manu Chao have supported initiative to halt the construction of HPPs on Mt. Stara Planina in Serbia. 

The musician also visited the village of Topli Do on Mt. Stara Planina, which was recently the scene of clashes between residents of the village and activists on the one side and security personnel and workers accompanying the investor in small hydropower plants (SHPP). Manu Chao supported the village residents fighting for their survival and activists who want to raise their voice against this crime.

After a concert in the Serbian city of Niš, Manu Chao met with activists of the Defend Rivers of Mt. Stara Planina movement. He listened to their story and said that he had already come across similar problems.

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I’ve seen things like that all over South America, he said, adding that people are fighting everywhere. According to him, somewhere the reason is hydropower plants and somewhere mines or Monsanto.

I know people have won many battles because they were united, he said.

Text taken from Balkan Green Energy News.

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