Members of the Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) movement keep trying to present the story about the dangers SHPP, in different media. Although this story is overall still not enough covered, our movement had satisfying coverage in some media, thanks to real journalists, personal contacts and conscientious individuals.

Here are some appearances, listed chronologically:

  • 2016: DRSP activist held his speech about the dangers of SHPP in front of the National Pairlament
  • 2018, November: Press-conference in the Human Rights House Belgrade, with a topic: Consequences of building SHPP and current situation in Rakita village
  • Submitting the demand to the general director of the Radio Television of Serbia to host a TV duel about the SHPP problem, and putting constant pressure over social networks and other media, resulted in multiple media reports about this problem being broadcast on the national television
  • Tatjana Vojtehovski and Jovan Memedovic came to Rakita village and Jovan prepared another report about SHPP; Olivera Kovacevic has given a chance to hear the opinion against SHPP in parallel with the one in favor of SHPP, in her show "Yes, Maybe, No"
  • Science editorial office of RTS has presented a series of shows about SHPP and gatherings against them; media, has become more involved into shedding more light on the problem and multiple reports have been broadcast on Al Jazeera TV, N1 TV, "Danas“ newspaper, "Južne vesti" portal, "Politika“ newspaper, "Far“ portal, etc.
  • 2019, June: Guests in TV N1 show "Life Tells"
  • 2019, July: Press-conference: Collapse of the legal state
  • 2019, September: Press-conference by MP Sonja Pavlovic and DRSP delegates
  • 2019, September: Guests of the local TV Belle Amie
  • 2019, October: Guests of N1 TV, in the show "Topic of the Day"
  • 2019, October: Guests of Vojvodina TV, in the show "The Right Angle"
  • 2019, October: Press-conference by MP Sonja Pavlovic and DRSP delegates
  • 2019, October: Guests of Radio Sorbona, in the show "Odbranologija"

We want to invite all the media to increase their coverage of this problem.

You can reach out to us using our Contact page if you need any additional material about this topic.

Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) Movement

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