Participation in Expert Conferences

  • European River Summit, September 2018, Sarajevo
  • 5th Danube Participation Day, October 2018, Sofia
  • Creating a Sustainable System of Subsidies for Renewable Energy Sources in Serbia, organized by Bankwatch, April 2019, Belgrade
  • During the International Civil Society Week, DRSP had a meeting with Greenpeace representatives, April 2019
  • 28 September 2019 – Meeting with President of the Republic of Serbia to discuss ending further construction of SHPPs in Serbia
  • October 2019 – Dialogue in the Center: Poverty and Environmental Protection
  • November 2019: Forum in Užice titled Derivative Small Hydropower Plants: Environmental Impact and Energy Production Efficiency
  • November 2019 – Forum: Being Silent Is Alike a Philosopher, titled: Air, Water, Land and Fire: Citizen's Fight for a Healthy Life, Faculty of Philosophy of Belgrade

Certificates of Recognition issued to DRSP

  • The Green Impression of November 2018: Certificate of Recognition in the area of environmental protection awarded by the Green Initiative of Vojvodina (Vojvođanska zelena inicijativa)
  • Zelenlist 2018: Certificate of Recognition awarded by Radio Beograd and Gorani Vojvodine (Vojvodina Forest Rangers) in April 2019

Support of Environmental Movements

  • Savski nasip (Sava Enbankment)
  • Sačuvajmo planinske reke Kraljeva (Defend the Mountain Rivers of Kraljevo)
  • Pokret odbranimo šume Fruške Gore (Defend the Forests of Fruška Gora)
  • Ujedinjeni ribolovci Srbije (United Fishermen of Serbia)


Defend the Rivers of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) Movement

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