Science and Education Centre "Nova Stara Planina" - Crowdfunding

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DRSP to launch a fund-raising campaign for the construction of the Science and Education Centre ’’Nova Stara Planina“.

We are building a place where we will be creating projects for the protection of nature. Our goal is to get people back to villages and to develop tourism.

The Science and Education Centre with a mountain lodge will be the place where students, professors, researchers, faculties and professional institutions will be working on the projects of preservation and development of Stara planina.

We want to help our members discover the riches one of the most majestic mountains in Serbia. The prospective centre will provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about some animal and plant species, to discover unexplored places and to take part in a number of workshops that will connect professional institutions, local residents and nature lovers.

All DRSP members will have the accommodation facility in the centre for studying our Nova Stara Planina (New Balkan Mountains). You can learn more about the time sharing lodge here.

If you want to donate a larger amount than the offered ones, you can do it by following this link.

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The Centre shall bring together scientific elite to tackle environmental issues and work out solutions, to preserve the tradition, to develop sustainable agricultural and touristic proposals, while observing history and culture. Would you like us to build together something where all DRSP members are welcome, alone or with their families, to learn how to make cheese, weave the Pirot rug, explore caves, attend professional workshops or simply attend to their regular commitments by working remotely.

Each donator (and those who donated prior to the campaign) will have his/her name engraved on a board as a token of appreciation for the development of Stare planina and river defence. Inspired by the world-known national parks, the scientific centre “Nova Stara planina” will be the place where locals and nature lovers take care of their resources, enjoy nature’s bounty and local food. The place where
one day gas or electric-powered buses with bicycles will commute and where we will systematically prevent traffic jams and the construction that is not aligned with nature.

This centre should be the crown of our past fight for river defence, and the seed of development of Stara planina that will outlive us. This makes sense especially if we work together, aided by professionals who pledged their support.

Every donor’s name, regardless of the amount, will be engraved on a grand-size artwork which will be placed at the entrance to the centre.

If 115,000 members of our Facebook group donate 1 euro on average, this can be accomplished.

Donate now for the construction of the science and education centre and become a part of history.

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