During the yesterday's Sava river bed cleansing action, inspired by the World Rivers Day, performed on only one small part of the embankment, from the Vidra marine in Block 70a to the Pirate raft in Block 70, diligent hands of our most conscientious neigbours have collected more than 150 bags of non-organic waste.
Organic waste (dry branches and logs), which can also be used, we didn't even remove because we didn't know what to do with it.
It would be somehow normal to expect this amount of garbage in our rivers and around them, if we didn't have the system for managing and treatment of the communal garbage and industrial waste, if we didn't have the services of public utility companies "Gradska čistoća", "Gradsko zelenilo", "Srbijavode" and "Beogradvode". We have all these companies and pay them fortune to maintain our rivers, parks, forests, green surfaces, sidewalks, promenades, playgrounds and bathing areas. It wouldn't be normal to see garbage all around if we had empty trash cans everywhere, but we don't have them.
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We only have couple of dozens of trash cans on the entire area of blocks 70 and 70a and they are always full, and birds, wind and some careless waste collector are spreading this garbage all over the place.
This is why we took one small part of the collected garbage at the end of the work action and left it in front of the PUC "Gradsko Zelenilo"'s branch offices, which is located, believe it or not, in Block 70, next to the Sava embankment, on the terminal station of the public transport between blocks 70 and 44. This branch office is in charge for the maintenance of green surfaces in our and surrounding blocks!
This way we wanted to warn the directors of this branch, their bosses and all other bosses and directors of PUCs in charge for maintaining cleanliness and communal order, that we shall not tolerate this anymore and that we're preparing another joint action regarding this problem. 
With this act, we also wanted to show you, our dear neighbours and friends, the negligence and culprits for such bad conditions in our neighborhood. 
 We once again say Thank You! to all great people and wonderful children from the neighbourhood, who showed all of us yesterday that small group of people can and does make big changes. 
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