Informal association "Pokret Tvrđava" ("Fortress Movement") has organized a protest in Smederevo under the motto "For all the children" because of the extreme air pollution in this city.



Citizens and activists have blocked the port and the railway used by the Chinese company HBIS for transport and transshipment of the ore because, as they explained, ore dust is released in the air, for which they fear is cancerogenic and destructive for their airways.

Citizens of Smederevo say that they've been having problems with air pollution since "Ironworks Smederevo" has been opened 50 years ago, but that situation has worsened a lot after 2016 when the ironworks was sold to the Chinese company HBIS, which increased the production, but didn't implement environment and air protection standards.

Speakers on the protest were: Savo Manojlović, Aleksandar Jovanović-Ćuta, Sonja Pavlović, Irena Živković, Nikola Krstić-Kolja

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