Let's recall the youth working actions from 40-50 years ago, where youth has volunteered and contributed with great enthusiasm and desire in the working actions which helped the benefit of the state.

Generations have changed; former youth are now proud parents, grandmas and grandpas with rich experience and full of stories about student days and their participation on different events. Youth today is different, modern and technologically advanced. We can do anything on our laptops and smartphones. Hanging out with fellow students today reflects in endless staring into the screens of mobiles and chatting, although we are surrounded with people, friends, colleagues. As much as this modernization has contributed so much it has taken away, and it is on us to try to leverage it and try to contribute to our country and people on the best possible way.

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We have realized that if we continue at this pace and ignore big and important things related to the student life, organizing, nature, environment and human relations, we will see catastrophic problems happening.

So what did we do about it? We moved! We started realizing different actions in the areas of: FORESTATION, CLEANING, ECOLOGICAL WORKSHOPS, PRESENTATIONS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGES, HUMANITARY ACTIONS and something which might be the best initiator: awakening of the STUDENT REBELLION!

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Modernization and technological progress have silenced the student rebellion. We started accepting everything which they serve to us and following some imaginary flat line. Students started losing their importance instead of being the main initiators of the changes in our society. Rebellion is not an attack to someone, but a defense - defense of the student rights and safer step to a better future.

Students today know just some minor things about student rebellion and mention lack of seriousness, disintegration and personal interests which trigger most of the today's student leaders and representatives. Another big problem with student representatives is that questions and demands of the students are taken for granted and often get rejected due to the fear of the faculty management or some other organs.

Student parliaments need to represent students and fight for demands which are students' business, and not to fulfill the wishes of professors and management. The best way is to find a balance, so that realistic goals are achieved on the mutual satisfaction of students and the management.

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When it comes to different problems in high education, student representatives need to be a strong rampart which will fight for the best possible conditions and who will be actively involved in all the changes in the society, and won't put their own interest in front of the interest of all students.

Students' participation on different ecological and student protests gives big energy boost to these gatherings and hope for the desired changes.

ECOLOGICAL CONSCIENCE! Another topic which was also forgotten along the way. This is where we come into picture. By awakening of the conscience at citizens and children, we contribute to our future and the future of our children. Small group of students of the Faculty of Forestry has started organizing and being actively involved in the existing humanitarian and ecological actions. This small group has grown after only a few organized actions and spreads on the other students of the Faculty of Forestry and other faculties of the University of Belgrade and further. That was definitely one of our goals, to involve and engage as many conscious students and youth as possible, which will spread the awareness about these good acts.

There's no conclusion on this topic, because it's not complete, but rather just started. Students haven't fallen asleep, but they need the spark which will awake this rebellion inside them, the rebellion which will result in different positive changes in the society and their surroundings.
I hereby call all the students and the youth to help us raise awareness of other colleagues, citizens and children. Ecological conscience is important if we wish to survive this pollution attack, delivered on us, like problems of:

- Small derivative hydro power-plants (placing rivers into pipes)
- Air pollution (increased percent of population with lung cancer)
- Wood cutting
- Soil pollution
- Pollution of city water sources
- GMO food, etc.

Apart from this, another problems young people have are:

- Non involvement of the students in the big changes in society
- Unemployment of the young population
- Political parties involvement in student organizations
- Minor students' benefits, like high expenses for the public city and intercity transport
- Degradation of the state faculty diploma importance, etc.

So dear colleagues, let's be together, stick to the academic honesty and above all, take care of our health and health of the ones we love.

"One was born to die some day, but honor and shame are here to stay." - Petar Petrović Njegoš

Nikola Popović
Student Vice-Dean
Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade University

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