Support to the proclamation "Our water, our forests, our air - our land" comes from all sides. Today support came from the network "Afforest Vojvodina" which consists of 23 associations. We're publishing their message here in whole:

"Afforest Vojvodina" network accepts and unconditionally supports demands listed in proclamation of citizens' associations and movements, under the title "Our water, our air, our forests - our land".

screenshot 73 orig Zvanična stranica pokreta Odbranimo reke Stare planine i udruženja Nova Stara planina Podrška mreže "Pošumimo Vojvodinu" Aktivizam, Odbrana reka, Pravna borba, Priroda Bodi

Being active environmental associations and movements, we have direct experience with the multi-decade neglecting of the environment, in favor of short-term economical and other interests. Such relationship has led to piling up different problems and overall difficult situation in the environment, mentioned in the proclamation. That is a disgraceful testimony about the terrifying proportions of irresponsibility , lawlessness and depreciating relationship of the state towards its citizens. Demands listed in proclamation are justified and, if fulfilled, can essentially change the current situation.

It would be naive to believe or to hope that what's happening in Stara Planina, Fruška Gora, Bor or Vrbas, won't happen on any other place in Serbia in future; on some other river, forest, or air. Things happening in other communities are surely our business as well, so by mutual support and solidarity, we take care about our close environment, too.

„Afforest Vojvodina“ is a network of citizens' associations and movements, established in January 2020 with a goal to increase the impact of public on the decision makers and to develop public awareness about the importance of preservation and promotion of the existing forests, increasing the area covered by forests in AP Vojvodina, importance of forest preservation and afforestation for the environment protection, agriculture, economy, and to increase media coverage of the afforestation facts and activities and ways to solve the problems. Network gathers 23 citizens' associations and movements: Pokret gorana Vojvodine, Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia, Eco-center "Stanište“, Environment Engineering Group, Pokret gorana Novog Sada, NIDSBE "Josif Pančić“, Society of Young Researchers "Branislav Bukurov“, "Odbranimo šume Fruške Gore“ movement, Society for Forest Protection, Environmental Front, Children's Environmental Academy, CEKOR, Eco movement of Vrbas, Pokret gorana Sombora, Citizen's association "Ekobečej“, Ecologists' association "EKOS“, Ecologists' association "Avalon“, Natural history society "Gea“, USR "Deliblatsko jezero“, Association "Eko zona Kovin“, Citizens' association "Aurora“, Eco-center "Tisa“, Rural center "Sova“.

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